Sensory Bin Fun!

Do you use sensory bins in your classroom?  This year I have decided to implement sensory bins with my preschool class and the bins have been a huge hit! I wanted to share some of what we have used so far that has been successful.

Base Materials:

I have used a variety of base materials to get our bins started.

Add ins:

Some of our bins include the base material and then just stuff to scoop and play with such a cups and funnels.  In some of the other bins, I put various items that the kids can hunt for.  Here are a few examples:
  • plastic/foam letters
  • small pumpkins
  • bugs
  • plastic shapes
  • numbers
  • mini erasers
  • items that match our current unit


  • Limit the number of students per bin. I only have two students per bin. 
  • Set rules.  I tell the children that they can not throw the items around and need to keep the "stuff" in the designated areas.
  • Use lunch trays to help contain. 

I am loving how these are all working in my classroom and plan in making a variety throughout the school year to fit with our units and the time of year.  I am still working on organization, but once I find something that works I will share! 

 I would love to hear how you use sensory bins in your classroom.  Please share in the comments below.


I love to hear from the crew!