Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jelly bean numbers & sight words (freebie)

Last week while working on the sight words with one of my students he requested that I put sight words in plastic eggs.  I have posted about how I do this before with a sight word egg hunt, but this is a student that I only work with for 30 minutes a day so I wanted to figure out another way for us to do this.  I sat down at the computer and this activity is what came of it.  

This really simple.  All you do is print out the page with the numbers & sight words (I chose to print them on brightly colored cardstock) and stick the numbers or words in eggs depending on which ones you are using.   Now that Easter is over, I am going to see if I can find some of the jelly bean eggs on sale.  (If you see them let me know!)  To complete this activity the kiddo pulls an egg from the basket, opens is (fine motor), reads the word/number, and then finds the matching jellybean on their paper, color it in, then close the egg back up.  With my sight word kids, I had them put the egg back in the basket so if they pulled it again then they practiced the word again.  With the little one in these pictures I put the egg to the side after she opened it.

This activity went over great!  The little one in the picture has been giving me a run for my money lately since I try to push her at the end of the school day.  I have not been able to get her to work on anything for any length of time.  This activity however, caught her attention right away.  I plan on using this again after spring break to keep the learning and review rolling.

So after all of this are you ready to download this activity.  It is posted for free in my new Educents store! While you are there look around and see what goodies you can find.

I would love to know how you use this and what your students think of it. Please leave a comment letting me know

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Interactive Board books

April Fools!

I bet you thought I wrote a post for today on my blog!  Well, I tricked you!  I wrote one, but you need to hop over to Mrs. H's Resource Room to read it.  I am guest blogging over there today.  I promise it is a post that you don't want to miss!  It is all about making interactive books and there is a link to a limited time freebie!

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter-ish activities

It is almost Spring Break here in my small corner of Virginia.  I wanted to share some of the things I have done with my students in the past in hopes it may help you get through the week before break.

I love doing a sight word egg hunt.  The kids love the egg hunt part and I get to sneak in some sight word practice at the same time.  Win-Win.  I have the kid run an errand of some sort while I hide the eggs.  Then they come in and start looking!  They get so excited.  After we find all of the eggs, then we open them and read the words.  This year, I am thinking about graphing the words we find (or the colors of the eggs) just to add another skills in there. I posted more about how I do my sight word egg hunt at this blog post.

Something I did last year with my preschoolers that I also just loved was pom-pom painting.  We did this to follow up reading the book  The Easter Egg by Jan Brett. First the kids had to cut out their egg (lots of fine motor practice in this activity). Next,  I had the kids attach their clothes pins to the pom poms to continue work on their fine motor skills.  I also let them decide which 3 colors they would like (color recognition and making choices).  I demonstrated how to paint with the pom poms.  We also discussed how to make the eggs pretty like in the book.    The kids really had a blast painting their eggs.  You can see more pictures of this activity by going here. 

I would love to know if you have anything special planned for this week.  Please share in the comments.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Virginia is for Book Lovers (Freebie & giveaway!)

Hello again!!  Yes, I am hopping again.  All of these hops give me a focus (and you lots of freebies).  I have been networking/collaborating with the Virginia Teacher Bloggers since last summer.  It is a great group and we talk way more than blogging.   A few weeks ago (maybe even months ago) we decided we were due for another blog hop.  Virginia is for book lovers was born!! 

I have always loved to read and I have shared that love with my children.  We all get super excited about going to the book store or library.  I also think our school librarian gets excited when we get to the book fair.  We have been known to buy a few ton of books. 

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite books, Aliens Love Underpants. (Feel free to giggle!!) I found this book last year and it was a favorite of my preschoolers.  This year, I have been reading it  my K-2 kids and they also love it.  I think it is the underpants that wins them over. The great thing is that there is a whole series of underpants books.  You can check them all out at http://www.underpantsbooks.com/.  Yes, that is really the website.   There is even a new book coming out (Monsters love underpants) just before my birthday in May.  It is on the top of my birthday wish list

Today I wanted to share with you part of what is becoming my Underpants Bundle of activities.  This is a matching game to practice rhyming.  Some of the words are from the book, others were just added.  Kids can play this like a simple matching game during literacy centers or you could put one half of the pair in a pocket chart and hand out the other half.  Read the word and have the kiddo with the match come up and put it in.  So many options!!  You can get it by clicking  here.

Be sure to keep your eye out for when I finish more activities to go along with this book.  Also, make sure you enter the giveaway below to try to win your own copy.  Keep hopping through to make sure you get to the HUGE giveaway at the end.

Keep hopping along to Owls  & Lessons Etc.

Owls and Lessons, Etc.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Read Across America Week

Snow, snow everywhere!!!  For our little town in Virginia we have had a lot of snow these past two week.  We also have only been to school for 1 1/2 days in the past two weeks.  To say my kids and I are ready to go back is an understatement.

As we go into Read Across America week I just want to share links back to things I have done over the past few year.

Last year we talked about the book,  10 Apples up on Top which inspired my interactive book, How many Apples up on top?

Another year we used bananas and strawberries to make the red and white kabobs.    We were able to practice fine motor skills, patterning, and communication with that activity.

I think my favorite activity I have done was a few years ago making green eggs.  We used "magic" pudding.  You can check it out by going to this blog link

I also have a Pinterest board where I collect ideas for all of March.  You can check that out by going here.

I have not been able to prepare much at school for Read Across America week, but we do have different activities going on each day. Do you do anything special to celebrate Read Across America week in your classroom?

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Monday, February 23, 2015

100th day of school outfits

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some happenings in the Learning Ahoy classroom!

Recently, we celebrated the 100th day of school.   I made myself a shirt using graphics from one of my favorite artists, Laura from Whimsy Clips (aka My Cute Graphics).   I knew she would have just what I needed to make myself an awesome shirt.  To add the tally marks I used a font called tally marks and you can find it here.  Then I just created the image in powerpoint and printed it on a t-shirt transfer.  I got my transfer from AC Moore, but you can also find them on Amazon .

My son, B, who is in kindergarten needed to dress up like an old man, so I made him a bow tie and suspenders using another T-shirt transfer.   He wanted a shark pattern for the bow tie.  I found the bowtie pattern on Google images and then filled it with a shark pattern that I also found on Google Images.   To make the suspenders I just drew a rectangle and filled it in green.  I used Powerpoint again to design this shirt.  B, also wanted a beard and a mustache, but all I had was brown eyeliner.  We used that to make his beard and mustache and to fill in his eyebrows a bit.   He then put baby powder in his hair to try to make it look white or gray.

Did you dress up for the 100th day of school?

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine Blog Hop: My turn!!!

 Shamrock ShamrockWhoop!! Whoop!! It is my turn to have a Valentine treat for you. Before I share my goodies though, how has the hop been going? Lots of fantastic stuff!!! Last year I made a book called Valentine, Valentine (You can check it out here) and it was a huge hit in my classroom. I read it again this year and my students just love it. One of my boys gets so excited when I bring it out he almost falls out of his chair. To keep the excitement going into March I made a new book call Shamrock, Shamrock. It is the same pattern, just using a St. Patricks Day theme. I thought this would be the perfect thing to share since we are nearing the end of February. Please leave me a comment if you download this file and let me know what you think. I would love to know if your students like it also.  (Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post, there is a giveaway!!!)

Without further discussion, here we go! You can download the file by clicking on the picture or at this link. I had hoped to to have actual pictures so you could see this book in action, but the weather had other plans.  I ventured out to school today just to get out of the house.  I brought home my copy of Shamrock, Shamrock, but unfortunately the pictures are not the best.  To make the book, print the pages, laminate, bind, and then use the included shamrocks (or foam ones made out of a die cut) and put velcro on the page and one the shamrock.  I try to put the Velcro to the side so it does not interfere with the picture (someone else put the Velcro on this one for me, so I need to move a few pieces).  Then as you read the book, students can take turns pulling off the Shamrocks. My students often start chiming in and saying the repetitive line with me.

 I am not only giving away Shamrock, Shamrock to everyone, but I am having a giveaway for winner's choice of 1 item from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!! There will be two winners!!!
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