Animal Hospital

ECSE, preschool, animal hospital, center

Today I just wanted to do a quick post to share my favorite dramatic play center from the school year.  During our animal unit, I turned our kitchen into an animal hospital.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but, hopefully,you will get the idea.

ECSE, preschool, animal hospital, center
To start, I gathered (stuffed) animals that I had in my classroom and at home.  Next, I went to thrift store and picked up a few animals that I thought would be good additions (snake, owl, hedgehog).  While at the thrift store I also looked for animal cages.  I found a cat carrier for $6.  I ran it through the dishwasher at home and it was good to go.  I also was able to get a few more small animal cages by asking friends on Facebook.  I also added scrub tops, stethoscopes, masks (I asked our school nurse for these) and other "doctor" supplies that I had.

I knew I wanted something more for out little hospital.  After thinking, I knew that last thing we needed was x-rays.  To make my x-rays, I used Google images to search for x-rays and printed them out on regular paper. I labeled each x-ray so the kids (and adults) would know what it was.  I then laminated the x-rays and put them in the center.

The kids loved this center (the ones in my classroom and my own kids before and after school)!

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  1. My kids love this center. I try to put it away and bring other things out, but they always come back to this one. We have an app on our i pads which goes along with the vet center. It is called Dr Petplay by Pretendasaurus. We have the paid version. Not sure how the free version is different. If your class loves this center and you have i pads available, this app is great. They can take pictures of their pet, mark what is wrong with it, and see a skeleton, temperature and a heartbeat. It is a quality addition to the dramatic play center.

    1. Oh, I will definitely have to check out that app! Thank you for sharing!


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