Random Acts of Kindness

I hope you all enjoyed the Special Educators blog hop this past weekend!  There were some great freebies.  I spent some of my planning today printing them all out and the rest kicking  gently caressing the copy machine.  How does that machine always know when I am short on time?

Anyways, if you are following me on Facebook then you know that I am challenging my boys to one deliberate Random Act of Kindness (RAK) each day for the month of December.  My hope is after spending a month working towards RAK that they will begin to do things for others without thinking.

Today we started by complimenting one person.  We talked about what it means to compliment someone and practiced lots of examples on our way to school.  Then over dinner we talked about who we complimented today.  I am so proud of my boys for stepping out of their box and really trying this today.  A said he told a classmate that he had a nice shirt (This was very hard for A as social skills are his major weakness) and B was super excited to tell me that he complimented 3 people today.  I was informed by my husband that C hugged a classmate as he left daycare this afternoon.

So, now I challenge you! Can you do one deliberate RAK this month each day?  I am creating a linky so other bloggers can share their experiences with us about their RAK.  If you are not a blogger I would love your comments or post your RAK on the Learning Ahoy Facebook wall.

 I will include the linky on all of my blog posts about RAK so be sure to follow along.  To see out daily RAKs check out the Learning Ahoy facebook page!

Need some help getting started? Check out these links below for some great ideas!

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