Pom Pom Painting

I was trolling browsing pinterest last week and saw this pin about painting with pom poms.  I had to try it!  Guess what?  It went fantastic.   All you need are pom poms (We used medium size ones, but you could use different sizes for different designs), clothespins (or snappers as my students called them), paint, a paper plate, and something to decorate.

We were making eggs to follow up the book The Easter Egg by Jan Brett.  First the kids had to cut out their egg (lots of fine motor practice in this activity). Next,  I had the kids attach their clothes pins to the pom poms to continue work on their fine motor skills.  I also let them decide which 3 colors they would like (color recognition and making choices).  I demonstrated how to paint with the pom poms.  We also discussed how to make the eggs pretty like in the book.    The kids really had a blast painting their eggs.  One of my students ended up using her hands to paint the egg (and her face), but it still came out beautiful!

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