Dr. Seuss week

Are you celebrating the life of Theodore Geisel this week? We love Dr. Seuss books in our house and at school.  I have already read some books this year and wanted to show you an activity I made to accompany the book 10 Apples up On top.

Last year, I had the kids put an apple on their head and then I took a picture.  They then typed the sentence “I have one apple up on top.”.  This was great for the group I had last year, but with this years crew I knew I needed to do something different.

My preschoolers are working hard on counting, one to one correspondence, and number identification. So I made them a book to count the apples on their heads.  I took a picture of each one of them, cut out the background (that tutorial is coming up soon!), then placed apples on their heads.  It is perfect and the kids love it!!  For the apples I took a picture of an apple we had in our classroom (Ok, really about 15 pictures. I had to have the perfect one) and cut out the background.  Then I just pasted the number I wanted on their heads.  I had pictures to share, but my flash drive is not working.  Hopefully I can update in a little bit with pictures. Yay!! My husband fixed my flash drive!!!

apple, Learning Ahoy, Dr. Suess
I was trying to figure out how to share this adorable activity with everyone, so I made a version of the book  How many apples up on top? with animals.  You can find it in my TPT store.   If you would like a book with your students in it, send me an email.  I am thinking about offering a custom book in my TPT store, but want to gauge interest.  The price would be $5 or less (up to 25 pictures).

banana, strawberry, pattern, Dr. Suess
Last year I also made the green eggs with my kids using the vanilla wafer and pudding.  You can find all about that by going to this post.  Anther yummy activity we did was with bananas and strawberries.  We were able to practice fine motor skills, patterning, and communication with that one.  You can find a post all about it here.

We are doing a lot more this week and I will post about those activities later.
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