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The past few weeks we have been knee deep in our baking/cooking unit.  We did A LOT of cooking and cute activities.  I only have pictures of some of the activities now, so I thought I would break this up into two posts. 

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One day we made dirt.  I love making dirt with kids. (You can find another blog post on dirt here.)  I lead this activity so of course we made a huge mess.  The kids all took turns either opening the pudding packs, pouring the mix in the bowl, or adding the milk to the bowl.  We then all took turn stirring and while waiting their turns the kids sang a song (This is way we stir the pudding, stir the pudding, stir the pudding.  This is the way we stir the pudding, when we make dirt).

 After that we added the whip cream.  Again, each student took a turn adding a scoop.  Next we crushed up the Oreos.  Each student had their own small bag of Oreos in a Ziploc.  They then used a block to crush up the Oreos.  While they were crushing, I was pudding the pudding into cups.  The kids then added their crushed Oreos to the top and  then some gummy worms.  The final verdict was “ MMM, dirt is good.” (The pictures of the cutie where the face is not covered happens to be my own little boy, B.  He will be 5 tomorrow!!  I am lucky mom to be able to teach him on the days that we join the two preschool classes together. )

We also made Pancakes.  We read the book If You Give A Pig  Pancake.  Then for snack we made pancakes.  We also had strawberries and m&ms to make some special pancakes.  You will notice in these pictures that we remembered to have them put on the adorable aprons that one of our paraprofessionals made.  We made these in much the same way, giving each student a chance to do some part of the recipe. These were another hit!!

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