October Alphabet fun!

Happy Fall!!!  I am so excited for cooler weather, leggings, hooded sweatshirts, and carving pumpkins.  Oh, and The Little Old Lady who wasn't afraid of Anything!  October can lead to so many fun activities that really grab our kiddos attention.  I wanted to share some of the alphabet games I play with both my preschoolers and K-2 kids to keep them engaged and learning in October.

1. Alphabet Bats

My student love these bats!!  They are paper bats on a clothes pin.  Each bat has a letter on it.  The kids pick a bat out of the bag, read then letter and hang it on the string.  Letter practice and fine motor all in one!

2. Alphabet Scarecrows

These scarecrows are so much fun and can be used in a variety of ways.  Students can practice saying the letters, handing you the correct letter, matching the upper and lowercase letters and the list goes on. I got these scarecrows for free from Make Learning Fun. 

3. Pumpkin, Pumpkin

This is very similar to books I use later in the year (Valentine, Valentine and Farmer, Farmer) however, instead of using a book I use a plastic pumpkin or a pumpkin cut out.  I put letters/numbers (cards, magnetic, etc) inside the pumpkin.  The students then take turns pulling out a letter and saying what it is.  Sometimes I will throw in a few distractor items like a spider or finger (Pretend of course!). 

4. Spider Webs

This is one of my favorite activities and I pull it out multiple times a year.  I have used black paper plates (from the dollar store) and a silver permanent marker to make spider webs.  Each web is programmed with a letter, number, shape, etc.  (I think I may make a few with sight words this year).  I then spread the plates on the floor and the students place spiders( I use these that I bought on Amazon) on the letter I call out.  You can see more about this activity by checking out this post. 

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  1. October Alphabet fun is such a great event and has so many great innovations in making the kids sharper and make their time a valuable one. This is the best post so far.

  2. this is such A fun activity for the kids to start of the festival with the right enthusiasm. you are doing such a great job at it. keep us posted with more

  3. this must keep the kids occupied and help them learn quite a lot. i am sure, they will also love the cute little bats on their wall. thanks for posting

  4. That is so cool!You teach your students in such a fun way.I wish my teacher would also have taught me like this,Well done.

  5. These ideas are SO clever and cute! Especially those adorable bats. So in line with the theme of the season. You're a very creative person!

  6. thank you for sharing with us such an beautiful've shared wonderfull ideas.i must say!great freebies.have a nice evening,keep bloging.


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