What's in my inclusion bag...

Working in a small district has it's positive and negatives.  One thing is that I never know what to expect every year.  Some years I am teaching a self-contained class for K-2, some years I have preschool and 2nd graders, and this year I have Kindergarten and second grade.  I have students who I do pull-out services in my room so all of those supplies are handy.  However, I spend a lot of time in other classrooms, so I carry a bag of stuff with me wherever I go. I thought it might be helpful for me to share all of this stuff.

Here is all is.  You can see my chrome book sticking out there.  Carrying my Chrome book has become a major plus for me as I use it for data collect. There are times that I am sitting behind a student helping him to complete work with one hand, while filling out an A-B-C form on another.  Not ideal, but it gets the job done 

Coffee and my water bottle are a daily essential.  I keep an extra k-cup just in case I need a pickme up when I am not near my classroom.  I usually only carry one of the cups at a time and sometimes I leave them somewhere.  Such as today I finally found my water cup in a classroom cubby. 

I carry two types of timers because I never know which one is going to be needed.  I also carry my cell phone to use as a timer when needed

I have pencils and pens along with a hole punch to add visuals to keychains on a whim .

Stickers for rewards and the tape is used to make places on the floor where a chair should be, a line should start, giving borders on a table, and lots of other little things.

I often use the round stickers for students who need to answer questions or spell words, but do not have the ability to write.  I will put their answer choices or letter, numbers on the stickers and then they can put the sticker where it is needed.  You can find out more about that at this post.

The index cards are to write notes one, make quick flash cards, etc.  I usually have sticky notes thrown in there somewhere also.

I carry various visuals.  The one on the left is a copy of one of my student's core boards, the middle is a behavior strip for carpet expectations and the right is a bathroom sign that has jumped off of a set of lanyard visuals.

The last thing I include in my bag are some of the intervention materials or assessment materials I may need for the day.   Today I wanted a student to try a quick comprehension sheet.  In the zipper pouch, I have a dry erase marker, and eraser and a laminated name card so a student can practice writing his name.

So now you have a pretty good idea of what I carry in my inclusion bag (the ones my paras carry have all kinds of different stuff), so I would love to know what you carry around with you.


  1. A bag is a great idea! I carry a basket with me. I like that it's boxy snd I can fill it with all my supplies, but I really wish it had a handle! I carry special sparkle pencils with grips, popsicle sticks, post-it's, dry erase markers, a visual timer, a pencil sharpener, visual cue cards for b/d, line readers, a mini maraca, scissors, jumbo glue sticks, and whatever else I might need for the day. It's basically a classroom in a basket!

    1. Love it! What do you use the mini maraca for?

    2. I use the mini maraca as an attention getter. :)

  2. I use to do the same thing. Seeing your post brought back so many memories. Thanks for all you do. You are very important.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment! I love what I do. :)


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