Pass the sight words

A few weeks ago I shared an activity on my facebook page from Fun in First about her pass the plate activity where the teacher write a sight word on a stack of plates.  The students sit in a circle and pass the plates around the circle while music is playing.  When the music stops, the student reads the word on their plate.  I loved this idea, but needed to adapt it to fit my group better.

I have a second grade pull-out group of 5 students that work on sight words.  We are not only working on reading the words, but writing the words.  So I decided to use the die cut machine to cut out some evergreen trees.  I had the students each write 5 of the words from our sight word flashcards.  We then turned on some holiday music and passed the trees around the table.  The para professional that helps out with this group and I also participated.  This way the kids heard us read the words.  I also added in an extra tree so that someone would end of with extra words to read (the kids did not mind one bit).  We played for a solid 20 minutes and the kids begged to keep going.   To say it was a hit is an understatement.  I plan on playing this game once a month or so with different cut outs.

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