Ladybug craft & Happy Summer!!!

Hi Everyone!!!  I am not lost.... just been a bit crazy around here.  My husband and I decided to buy our first home.  Yay!!! That has been stressful, but exciting at the same time. I also have been continuing to work on my Master's degree.

Then at the end of April some not nice person (I will not use the words I want to use as sensitive eyes may be reading) had the odasity to  drive into our school parking lot in the middle of the afternoon and break out my car window to steal my purse.  This person then when to Walmart and spent close to $1,000 on my debit card.  It took a week to get the window fixed and all of the financial stuff was just a huge hassle.

In spite of the whole window fiasco and other stresses, my students and I ended the year with lots of fun.  We did a unit on bugs and my 2 year old group (Who are now all 3!) made ladybugs out of paper plates.  We took this opportunity to talk about circles (plate, eyes, dots, head), colors (red & black) and work fine motor skills (peeling the stickers to put on the dots, using the hole punch, & adding the legs and antennas).  I just love the way they came out! To make the bugs, we used:

  • small red paper plates
  •  black circle stickers
  •  black pipe cleaners
  • google eyes
  • circle made out of contruction paper (We used a die cut to make the circle)

I have a lot more to share from this school year that I have not had the opportunity to write about.  Is there anything specific that you would like to hear about from my classroom?

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  1. The same thing happened in my area a few years ago. When the info this was happening got out, the bad people changed tactics. They would come in the school under the pretense of touring the school for their child, and would be looking for purses they could get. Then they would ask to use the restroom, sneak off and steal the wallets out of the purse! This happened several times before the schools understood what was happening. Since then I've kept my purse locked up!

    1. It's crazy!!! I feel like I can't keep my purse anywhere now. Some of my coworkers have just started leaving their's at home.


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