Read Across America Week

Snow, snow everywhere!!!  For our little town in Virginia we have had a lot of snow these past two week.  We also have only been to school for 1 1/2 days in the past two weeks.  To say my kids and I are ready to go back is an understatement.

As we go into Read Across America week I just want to share links back to things I have done over the past few year.

Last year we talked about the book,  10 Apples up on Top which inspired my interactive book, How many Apples up on top?

Another year we used bananas and strawberries to make the red and white kabobs.    We were able to practice fine motor skills, patterning, and communication with that activity.

I think my favorite activity I have done was a few years ago making green eggs.  We used "magic" pudding.  You can check it out by going to this blog link

I also have a Pinterest board where I collect ideas for all of March.  You can check that out by going here.

I have not been able to prepare much at school for Read Across America week, but we do have different activities going on each day. Do you do anything special to celebrate Read Across America week in your classroom?

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