Easter-ish activities

It is almost Spring Break here in my small corner of Virginia.  I wanted to share some of the things I have done with my students in the past in hopes it may help you get through the week before break.

I love doing a sight word egg hunt.  The kids love the egg hunt part and I get to sneak in some sight word practice at the same time.  Win-Win.  I have the kid run an errand of some sort while I hide the eggs.  Then they come in and start looking!  They get so excited.  After we find all of the eggs, then we open them and read the words.  This year, I am thinking about graphing the words we find (or the colors of the eggs) just to add another skills in there. I posted more about how I do my sight word egg hunt at this blog post.

Something I did last year with my preschoolers that I also just loved was pom-pom painting.  We did this to follow up reading the book  The Easter Egg by Jan Brett. First the kids had to cut out their egg (lots of fine motor practice in this activity). Next,  I had the kids attach their clothes pins to the pom poms to continue work on their fine motor skills.  I also let them decide which 3 colors they would like (color recognition and making choices).  I demonstrated how to paint with the pom poms.  We also discussed how to make the eggs pretty like in the book.    The kids really had a blast painting their eggs.  You can see more pictures of this activity by going here. 

I would love to know if you have anything special planned for this week.  Please share in the comments.

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