Color Snowflake freebie!!

Hi everyone!! Guess what!?!  I am posting and it is not a linky party or a blog hop.  Just a good old post from me.  It has been busy with the 3 boys for Christmas.  My living room floor is covered in toys and packaging.   Grandpa bought the boys play bow and arrows so I have been dodging arrows being shot through the living room while a transformer runs over my toes.

I have been working on a lot on some of my TPT products and stuff for my classroom.  I found that the color tree file folder game I made recently was a big hit with my students, so I just made another one!  This one has snowflakes and instead of the color word purple it has the color word white.   You can get it by going here.  Please leave a comment on this post if you download it.  I love to know if you find things useful.

My boys and I have also been working on our Random Acts of Kindness.  Anyone else? I was so proud of my middle son on Christmas day.  He opened a present from his aunt that was in a Kohls box, except he never made it past the box.  He thought it was his gift.  He told his Aunt thank you for the box and moved on to the next gift.  We had to tell him to look in the box.  My husband and I were so proud that he was happy with a box and showed appreciation to his aunt for it.


  1. Thanks so much for this cute color file folder game! It is perfect for my younger special ed students!

  2. Thank you for the game. My students will love it!

  3. I love this and I am sure my kiddos will too. Thanks so much!


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