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I was given the opportunity to review KidsEmail.Org over the summer.  I jumped on the idea as my two older boys (ages 8 and 5) had asked to be able to email their grandparents.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to really set something up for them.

 Set up was super easy.  First, I created my parent account.  Next, I created an account for each of my boys.  I was able to set up various safety features, add all of the email addresses that they are allowed to send emails to and receive emails from, and I was able to personalize the account look for them.  My older one has a bit more freedom, while the younger one has all of his emails that go through me.  I sent their email addresses to all of their grandparents, aunts, and great grandparents and the emails started rolling in.  

The boys are so excited to receive mail.  Their grandma will send them pictures from their latest outing and my older son likes to send his last game request to his grandfather.   My older son actually helps his little brother access his email and write emails,  this has helped the 5 year old learn how to type on the computer, write sentences, and work on his writing skills.

I love because it is easy for me to set up.  I can make sure my kids are safe in their use of email.  I don't have to worry about strangers emailing them or the boys sending emails to strangers. I can choose if they are allowed to receive or send attachments, I make sure that there is a tag line on every email saying it was sent by a child, and it have so many other options.

 The boys are able to easily navigate and my oldest has taken to changing the  background to fit his personality.  I actually love this email so much that I  just re-need out subscription for another year!  I am also thinking about talking to a few of my students parents to see if I can set up an account for the students to use to email back and forth with me or their parents.  This will enable them to work on typing skills, sentence structure, and the life skill of writing an email.

You can check out for free  for 30 days by going to the website and signing up for  the free trial. If you do, I would love to know  how you use it.

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