Using old magnets quick tip!

Hello!  Raise your hand if you thought I was a gonner!  Sorry about that, things have been a bit crazy.  I am teaching K-2  this year along with a 2 year old class.  I also started Grad school.  I have been working on trying to balance everything out.

 I have done really well with getting my school work done at school and today while making a task box I thought "I should blog about this!".  So I just want to share a quick tip with you on how I get magnets to create magnetic stuff.    

You know all of this magnetic business cards you get for free or the magnetic calendar that the PTO gives out every year (maybe it is just my school)?  Those magnets are perfect for repurposing!  All I do is cut the magnet to size, then put hot glue on the used side (the side with writing).  Then I stick it to whatever I need to be magnetic.  Simple right!?

I hope this little tip saves you lots of money.  Ask your friends and family for all of their old business card magnets.  Put a post on Facebook or Freecycle.  I am sure there are plenty that can be reused!

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