Apples & worms (counting) & a new quick tip!

Hi everyone!

I made this quick file folder game this weekend  to go along with our apple unit.  The students count the seeds and then find the worm that has the corresponding number.   It is super easy to put together.  I simply printed it out, glued the apples to the file folder, then laminated everything.  I added clear Velcro (I love it, but much more expensive then the not clear stuff) to the side of each apple.  I made sure to out it on height same part of each apple as to eliminate confusion as to how to hook on the worms.   I am hoping to use this eventually as an independent task for one of my students.


To help make it more tactile ( Here is where the quick tip comes in!). I added small dots of school glue to each seed.  Once it dries it is clear and when the students count by touching the seeds they will feel a slightly raised texture.  This provides a little bit more input then just touching the laminated page would.  

If you would like to get your own copy of this file folder game, you can find it in my TPT store.

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