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The teaching Tribune has been continuing their Two for Tuesday linky and I thought that it would be a great way to introduce two things I added to my store.  I have used these in my classroom, but of course never took pictures before I packed them away.  These products will be marked off by 50% at least until sometime tomorrow (probably longer because I will forget to fix them!)

The first is my Community Helpers interactive book.  This book features adorable graphics from Whimsy Clips (Sister site to My Cute Graphics, I just love all of Laura's graphics!). The packet actually includes 4 copies of the book, color, black and white,  with blanks, and with out blanks.

Each book features 11 community helpers:
  • veterinarian
  • chef
  • dentist
  • doctor  
  • farmer
  • teacher
  • police
  • firefighter
  • mail carrier
  • crossing guard
  • repairman

My next new product is a sight word game called Strike!  This bundle includes the first 300 Fry Words for now.  I will be adding more and the price will go up.  (The next 100 words should be added in about a week).  This game features cute bowling kids from DigiScrap and can be used year round.  You can purchase each set of sight words individually if you would like.

To play students pick out one card from a basket (I would use something related to bowling, maybe there is a bowling pin basket somewhere in your attic. ) and read the word. If they get it correct (This is your preference, I usually have them keep it no matter what, they are still practicing!) they keep the card. If a student pulls “Strike!”, then he/she must put all of their cards back in the basket. If a students pulls "Spare", then they must trade their cards with another player. Winner is the student with the most cards at the end of play.  I also ask the kids to read me all of the cards in their pile at the end.  Just to sneak in some more practice. 

My students love these type of games.  I rotate them through out the year so the "rules" are always the same, but there is a different theme. 

Head over to the Teaching Tribune to check out all of the other stuff that is half off!!

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