Experience books

Experience books are books made to remember something you did in class such as go on a scavenger hunt or items you collected on a field trip.  They enable students to re-live the experience with the actual objects to look at and feel.

To start collect your items.  Put one item  ( or a collection depending on the type of book you are making) in a bag.  Close the bag, making sure to get the air out.  The opening of the bag will be on the right side (to act as the spine of the book).  Be sure to close each bag tightly.  Make sure to include a title page!  I got the idea for this book and title page from Pre-Kinders.

Once you have all of your bags filled put them in order and add one or two staples to the spine.  I put my staple in the middle of the bag openings(spine).  I actually did two sets of bags with this book so that not to many were together.  

Next add tape to the "spine" to bind all of the pages together.  I use fun Duct tape to make it a little bit more interesting. Make sure you add a few pieces and it is secured well. Also, make sure you have the staples covered so they don't poke anyone! 

Last, let your students enjoy reading the book!

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