Pear man! A Gluten and Casein free "cooking" activity!

2013-09-27 15.05.16
As we were finishing up our 5 senses unit, I did this activity to review and also to try some new foods!  We used a half pear for the face.  Next we use mini chocolate chips (gluten & casein free) to add eyes.  To add a nose each student cut a cherry tomato in half (With help of course!).  I found out one of my students really likes tomatoes! 

2013-09-27 14.59.32

For the hair we used Chex (because they are gluten free).  The students each had a little baggie and they had to use their hands to crush up the chex.

2013-09-27 15.06.58

Then they spread the check on top to add the hair.
2013-09-27 15.05.25

And that is it!  Best part, all of my students were able to eat it!

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