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If you been teaching Special Education more than a year then you probably know about boardmaker.  If not, then you have probably heard of it, but do not know what it is.  Boardmaker is a program where you can make communication boards, overlays, and lots of other cool stuff. There is a huge picture library (drawings) for almost anything you can think of.  I will admit that it is not a program that you can just jump into and go.  I think it takes some playing and reading directions to figure out some stuff, but once you get the hang of it you are good to go.

When I am getting ready to start a new project or looking for ideas for something I always check out a site that was called boardmaker share.  It is now called Boardmaker Acheive.  This is a great site because teachers, therapist, parents, anyone who uses boardmaker can upload various projects they have made using boardmaker and then as a member (membership is free) you can download these items for free!   You can also edit these items in boardmaker so a they fit your needs.  For example, the bathroom chart below I made after searching on Boardmaker Achieve.  I looked  at various ideas and made something that would work for my student. 

I have found so many valuable tools on Boardmaker Acheive such as a strip that I use to remind students how they should be sitting on the carpet or a choice board.  I hope this website helps you save a little bit of time that we all are so short on right now!


  1. i would love to download the bathroom independence chart you made.

    1. Hmmm, I think it is on my school computer. I will try to upload it tomorrow. If you email me at I can send it right to you.

  2. So cool! Thanks for sharing - I've already bookmarked this site :)

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