5 senses Unit: Sight

As we continued on our 5 sense journey we introduced one sense per day over a two week period (our “role model” students only come 3 days per week) 
We introduced sight by reading a book and then talking about things we see.  We used look and find books with magnifying glasses (a little extra excitement never hurt anyone!) to use our sense of sight to find the objects.  I love the My First Look and Find series because the books have large images, use fun characters that the kids recognize, and are like big board books.  My own boys love them and now I have pulled the books into my classroom and my students love them. 

We also used a book called Look Book by Tana Hoben.  This book is really neat because it shows the students a small picture first and they can predict what it is. Then you turn the page and see if your prediction was correct.

The students also used the magnifying glasses outside to look at different things on our playground.
student with magnifying glass

I also introduced a website that I use often called Playrific.  I love this site!  You can search for videos, books, photos, websites and games. Only videos and games that have been previewed and are good for students come up in your search results.  There are no ads are inappropriate content.  This all makes this teacher happy!  Let me know if you check it out and what you think.

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