5 senses unit: Hearing

Hearing was so much fun! We started by reading a book about our sense of hearing.  Then we used a powerpoint I made to predict what sounds we heard.  The sounds would come first and each student made a prediction.  Then the picture came up.  The kids loved trying to guess what they heard.  After that we practiced making sound and hearing it.  Each student had an instrument and we played loud and soft.  (I am sure the teacher next door just loved me for this!)

We also made our own noise maker using  paper plates and rice.  First the kids colored their plates and wrote their names (we practice our name in some form DAILY), then we put in one scoop of rice and staples the edges.  The kids did the stapling (with adult support).  Stapling is a great way to work on building muscles for all of the fine motor tasks that our required of us daily.   We then all played our new instruments. 

The following day when our role models were not there we played another listening game.  This one is a CD that plays sounds and the kids have to decide if they have it on their card.  It is called Listening Lotto and is similar to this one from Key Publishing.

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