Intro 5 senses with pumpkin!!

The craziness of back to school sure has hit me hard!!! Between back to school night, t-ball games, social skills group, and drs appointments we have been running around silly this past week. I am hoping I can jump back into the blog world so that I can start sharing all of the new stuff we have been doing!

IMG_0988One thing we did that was a huge hit with most of the kids was sensory play with pumpkin.  Most LOVED it!  Two would not even touch it.  We used the pumpkin on the day we introduced our unit on the 5 senses. It was something we already had and it enabled us to talk about the smell, taste, touch,  the way it feels and the way it looks.  I also introduced the word prediction when I asked them to predict how it would feel.  The other teacher I work with made a chart in her classroom of all the words they thought of to describe the pumpkin.

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