Pin Party

Hailey (Autism Tank), one of my go to blogging buddies for when I need some new ideas, is having a Back to School Pin Party.  I thought this would be something great to join in on since I am lacking in posts (If you follow me on Facebook then you have seen pictures and know why!  I do not think I have made a dent in that disaster area.).

So here are 5 things I am going to attempt this school year that I have found on Pinterest.

This looks like a really easy way to close off my centers when I don't want little hands accessing them.

I would like to use a lot more visuals. Sasha has some great ideas for these!

I am finally biting the bullet and making my own teacher's toolkit, but I am also going to one to store all of those little visual pieces I mentioned above.


I would like to make some kind of IEP cheat sheet to help the teachers I work with better understand student needs.


Last but not least, my classroom chair needs a major overhaul.Hopefully I will get to it before the end of the school year.

So what are you planning on working on this school year? I can always add to my list. Head on over to Hailey's blog and link up with us!

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  1. I want to make a teacher kit as well! Later though when I actually have earned some money.

  2. My teacher chair is so gross looking! I definitely want to re-cover it! I may need to follow that tutorial! Thanks for linking up! Hailey from Autism Tank


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