Social Skills and Academics using board games

baord games and social skillsSocial Skills seems to be a topic that in special education we always need to work on.  I love using board games or other types of games to work on social skills in my classroom.  With these games we can address turn taking, sharing, conversation, fine motor skills, color recognition, sight words, numbers, and the list goes on and on.  I often buy my games at the thrift store instead of paying full price.  For example, yesterday, I picked up Spiderman Monopoly for my boys for only $2.50.   When we opened it, the only problem (which really is not a problem at all) was that it had some extra money from a Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly game.  I do recommend if you can, check the pieces before you buy a game.  I have bought a game before to get home and find the pieces are missing.

Some of the games I use weekly include Candyland and Trouble.  In Candyland you can play by the normal rules and work on color recognition and counting or you can add some sight words to the cards and add another level of learning.   You can sometimes find extra cards for Candyland at the thrift store and you can then adapt those.  You can also find premade cards on teachers pay teachers.   This set by Deana from Primary Punch works on tons of math skills with lots of room for differentiation.
Trouble allows us to work on number recognition, counting, and fine motor (pushing down on the dome thing).  We play only using one piece per player.  This makes the game go much quicker.

Do you use board games in the classroom?  I would love to hear what you use and if you adapt it at all.
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  1. I love using board games in my classroom! And I also buy them at the thrift store! :) I just cleaned out a storage room and found TONS of board games that I had forgotten all about! :) One of my favourite is Headbanz.

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