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I am teaching ESY this year for 2 weeks while one of my best friends gets married, then she will take over for the remaining two weeks.   It is great because I get to work with and see in action other teachers who do the same thing as I do, but just at different age levels.  One of our speech pathologists has joined us also.  She uses a lot of switches to help our students communicate.  One problem I have always had was having a male voice on the switch for our male students.  Meghan showed me how to use the male voice from Proloque  for the switch.  How easy is that!

I thought I would share some pictures of the activities that we are doing.

Here Meghan drew circles on teh board and put questions inside.  The kids had to throw a plush baseball(we are doing a baseball theme) at the board and answer the question it hit.  This was a great activities to work on gross motor (throwing) and speech (answering a question).  The kids seemed really like it.  Also if you look really close you can see how Julie adapted our behavior clip chart to fit the theme.  (I will try to get close ups of that this week.)

IMG_6931                      IMG_6930

Another activity we did was making corn dogs using corn muffin mix and cut up hot dogs.  The kids made the mix and then cut up the hot dogs to put in the muffin tins.  Meghan wrote up the recipe for them to follow.

Here are the kids mixing and cutting.  Lots of great skills being worked on here!


Are you teaching ESY this summer?  I would love the hear about the activities you are doing.

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  1. I am doing ESY for the first time this summer. We start in a week and half- I need to get planning ASAP. I love this idea and will work it into my summer and school year plans.

    1. You should check out some of my ESY post from previous years. There are a few under cooking. Also make sure you check back next week when I post about some of the stuff we did this week. We did a really neat painting project! Thanks for reading!


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