End of the year gifts: post it note holder

I always like to do something little for the teachers and paras I work with throughout the school year. This year that includes about 20 people. Gifts cards were just going to be way to much!. I had seen this idea on Pinterest last year that I really liked and thought, "Hey, I can do that!"  It turns out that these personalized post it note holders where super easy to make and sure cute!

The original post (you can  find that here) calls for scrapbook paper, but instead I used power point and some adorable graphics and backgrounds from My Cute Graphics. I then had the slides printed as 5X7 photos. I was able to get them at RiteAid with a coupon for 50 cents each.   I found the binder clips on clearance from Oriental Trading and the ribbon for the bows I found at AC Moore on sale and of course using my teacher discount.  I found the frames at the dollar store.   The post it notes I  had in a drawer.




After I slide in the pictures, I used hot glue to secure the binder clip to the frame.  I like this way because once the sticky notes run out, you can easily add more.  I also used hot glue to add the ribbons.   I love how these came out and how they are all different.  Each person gets a gift unique to them.




Do you give gifts at the end of the year or do you feel like my husband does and say, they are doing their job?


  1. Sooo cute~~love your spin on the project...hopefully in my future this summer!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for checking it out. Super easy so it should take no time to make one for yourself!

  2. This is so cute! Love it! I may have to make one for my own desk.

    A Rocky Top Teacher

    1. I have been thinking of making one for myself also!!


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