Our most recent cooking activity was making Dirt! We were just finishing up our Bug unit and the kids thought this was great. I told them that I got the worms out of the garden and one goes "No! She got them from Farm Fresh!" Of course this is also the same little one who when asked what we call the person who cooks food (hoping to get the answer chef), he said "Mom!".

We used:

  • instant chocolate pudding
  • milk
  • Oreos
  • gummy worms

First we made the pudding. I have the kids do as much as possible so they all opened up the packaging and if they could not get it, then they needed to ask a friend.  The kids each opened a carton of milk, poured it into the measuring cup, and poured it into the bowl.   Our OT brought in a hand mixer that the kids had to crank.  This was the first time they used it and they did fantastic with it.  I think I may have to hunt for my own this summer.  

While the pudding was in the fridge cooling we crushed the Oreos.   We did this by putting 20 Oreos (we counted out loud) into a plastic freezer bag.  We then used a rubber mallet and each took 5 whacks at the bag.  It was quite funny watching each of the kids "swings".  One even took the mallet over his head.

After we got the Oreos all crushed, we pulled out the pudding.  We put a scoop of pudding in each cup, some crushed Oreos and topped it off with 2 worms.  This was a huge hit!  The kids loved delivering their creation to various members of the school staff and telling them it was dirt. 



  1. what a fun activity and sounds yummy too! thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I hope you come visit again!

  2. This looks like a blast for the kids. Even though it's oreo's and gummy worms I don't think I could eat it lol that's how silly I am. But I bet the kids love it!!

  3. really love messing things. your fun activity.

  4. I don't know about the kids, but I think I'll have more fun than the kids and oreos are favorite cookies.:)

  5. Ohh this sounds yummy - love the idea of Oreo's and Gummy Worms I could definitely tuck right in :) x

  6. We are so making this next weekend!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. We love making dirt - my girls get a kick out of grossing eachother out with the worms!

  8. Sounds like fun!.. Perfect bonding activity with the kids, thanks for sharing. :D


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