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IMG_6190     I was introduced to these color book from Lakeshore by a coworker 3 years ago and they quickly became a class favorite. Unfortunately they are only made as big books, but the great part is there is a CD with all of the songs on it. We use these books daily in the classroom as part of our morning circle and sometimes students choose to read them as a reward during the day (sometimes I go to bed still singing the color songs). One of my students loves these books so much that his parents bought him his own set for home.  
Every book features a paint bucket and paint brush in a specific color.  Each page has different items about that color (Great to work on vocabulary!!) and there is a catchy tune that is a piggy back song from a familiar song such as This Old Man.   The words for the songs are on each page and also listed inside the front cover.  The only thing I wish they had was the songs on the back of the book.  I often hold the books up while we are singing so I can not see the pages.  I have thought about copying the inside and taping a copy on the back.

IMG_6193         IMG_6191


When we first started with these we used one book for an entire month. My kids were learning their colors so we would also have various items to talk about that were whichever color we were talking about. For example when learning about the color orange (in October) we used a pumpkin, orange, orange bucket, etc. This year (since we already know all of our colors) the kids use a choice board to pick what color song they would like to hear for the day. They each take turns during the week. I got the board at TinSnips (Click on color songs). I need to redo it for next year so that it includes all of the colors of the books, but for this year it has worked great! The students can all use it(verbal or non verbal) by pointing to "I want" and the the color they choose.


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