Teacher's Notebook Moore Relief Effort Bundle

Teacher's Notebook has created a bundle with over $500 worth of products donated by teachers. Scratch that, it is now over $1,000.   100% of the proceeds from the sale of this bundle will go to the Moore Relief Efforts. You may purchase the bundle for as little as $25.  Please consider purchasing this bundle. You will not only be helping to raise funds for this devastated area, but you will also be gaining an arsenal of teaching products.  This bundle will only be available for a few days.  So far I have donated my beginning sounds pack' but I am thinking at going back and also donating my Shipwrecked pack. I will be purchasing this pack tomorrow and I hope some of my readers will join me. Please leave me a comment if you do or if you know of any other ways we can help. Photobucket Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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