Making an Inference

Making inferences is on of the hardest skills for my students. Having to hear something or looking at something and read between the lines is not easy for a child who is a "typical" learner, let alone for one who has various challenges.

Recently I was given the opportunity to use Inference Task Cards made by Rachelle Lynette who is the author of the blog/website Minds in Bloom (Where she has lots of freebies.  I <heart> freebies!!).  These task cards are for students in Grades 1-2 and present a short story with a question at the end.  They can be used in a small group, for an individual writing activity, or as 1:1 intervention.  I used them as both small group and for 1:1 intervention.  In both situations, the students LOVED them!!  Depending on the student, I read the card to the student or the student read it to me (with me re-reading it to them).  Then we read the question.  Sometimes the student was able to figure out the answer quickly, other times we had to work together to figure it out.  I found that life experiences played a huge role in the situations that my students understood.  Some have never had the opportunity to go to the beach or they do not have soup when they are sick.  This made the cards harder, but also gave me an chance to work on expanding their knowledge of these situations.

In the packet, Rachel includes a tracking sheet so that students can keep track of which cards they have done (all of the cards are numbered) and also an answer sheet. These cards are ready to be printed off and then used. All you need to do is laminate (if you choose) and cut them out.  Rachel even includes a label so that you can put your cards in an enveloped and already have a matching label to go with on it.

Rachel has developed an entire site dedicated to Task Cards and how she uses them.  You can check it out to find more ways to use the Inference Task Cards or other task cards Rachel has developed.

I am heading over to Rachel's store now to see what other cards I would like to purchase for my classroom. I am sure I will not be able to choose just one!


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