Easter Activities

Yes, I know Easter was 2 weeks ago, but things have been a bit hectic around here (more about that in another post) and I want to share 2 of the activities that we did in my classroom prior to Spring Break.

Can you find the eggs?
The first was an egg hunt.  Now, I had to make it educational, so I put sight words in the eggs to practice reading the words.  Some of my students counted the eggs  or identified the color eggs they found.  There is a lot of room for differentiation in an egg hunt.  The way I made this work was the kids and I read a story about an egg hunt.  Then the fantastic paras who work in my room took them on a walk to find Spring things in the hallway.  While they were gone, I hid the eggs all around the room.  When they came back I gave them each a basket (I forgot to bring baskets, so I quickly ran around the room dumping stuff out of baskets to give them) and set them loose.  I told them that they could only find 15 eggs as a way to try and help my not so quick students to also have an opportunity to find eggs.  The kids really had a blast with this!

The next day (which was a half day) we did our weekly cooking project.(I love all of the life skills and fine motor cooking involves!)  I really wanted to use up some of the stuff we had left over from previous cooking projects so we made Trail Mix.  I did pick up some of the ingredients at the store, but the rest was just a mish-mosh of cereals.  We used the white dipping chocolate that was left over from making our supposed to be snow-man pops to make chocolate covered pretzels.  To do this we melted the chocolate in the microwave (the kids each took a turn pressing the buttons) and then stirred in the pretzels   Next we spread the pretzels on a cookie sheet and stuck them in the fridge to harden while we worked on the rest.  

For the trail mix part I gave each student their own plastic bag and let them dump in the various ingredients (Of course they had to help me open the marshmallows and m&ms because I am way to weak to do that on my own, just have to watch out for the student who tried to open the bag with his teeth!)  After we put all of the various ingredients in, we added the pretzels    I made my bag extra big so that we had some ton share with our friends around the building.  We shook the bags to mix everything up.  It was a hit with the kids and adults!!

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