OH PEEP!! Preview

I love making various versions of the game Oh No!, but I always wonder how they go in other classrooms. So to find out I asked a few of my fellow teacher bloggers to help me out. The first one who used it was Patty over at Second in Line. If you have not checked out her blog, you really should. She is hysterical!! She has lots of pictures and explanations about Oh PEEP!

Heather over at Teaching Through Turbulence also checked out OH PEEP!.  She used it with her students to work on social skills in addition to sight words. If you have never read Heather's blog, you need to check it out.  She has some great ideas for special education and loves to share!

 When I first added this game to my store, I also gave it away to one of my Facebook Fans. (Here comes the shameless Facebook plug) Other times when I have posted a new item I have made it free for 15 minuets and announced it on my Facebook page. My point here..... if you are not a fan on Facebook, sail over and board the ship! You never know what good deal or great idea I might post or share! You can get to the Facebook Fan page by clicking here or clicking on the Facebook icon to the right.

 If you would like to check out OH PEEP! or any of the other sight word games I have made check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store or my Teacher's Notebook Store. I am always adding more!! I also love suggestions on what you might like to see or changes I can make to make a game or activity better.

 I am done with my plug now!! If you have hung on this long, I highly suggest going to check out both  Patty's blog and Heather's blog.

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