I started using work-boxes in my room a few years ago, but this year I have really expanded on it. I have students work on their work-boxes when they first come in the room, during a time where their may be an extra 5 minutes or if I have to help someone in the bathroom and do not have an independent task already set up.

 I keep the items each student is working on in a drawer (just like the one to the left, if you click on the picture it will take you to the Amazon page for it ). They can then just open the drawer and pull out their activity. The activities in there can include anything from a practice sheet, a book, a sorting task, sight words, the possibilities are endless. It really depends on the ability level of my student. I like to make sure I include some type of fine motor activity and something that reviews a skill they are currently working on. Most of the activities are something that the student can complete independently, but sometimes I throw one or two in there that they will need to work with someone on. I thought I would do some posts on some of the different activities we use. I hope you can find some useful information in there. As always feel free to ask questions!

If you are looking for more tasks I have a pinterest board dedicated to them or check out the others I have posted on the blog by going here!


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