Work box: gloves

Another work box I have set up, especially this time of year, is gloves.  This is not only a great fine motor skill, but an important life skill.   For this activity my students practice putting on gloves. This is a difficult skill for them and they all have their own technique. Before this was a work box I showed them many times how I put on gloves. I talked about what I was doing as I demonstrated. I also taught them to count each finger to make sure there are 5 on each hand (practice counting and 1:1 correspondence). When demonstrating, I purposely put two of my fingers in one "finger" slot. Then when I would count I would be shocked that I was missing a finger. We brainstormed on how to fix my problem. All of this work has really payed off as now my students are working hard to put on their gloves independently.

If you are looking for more tasks I have a pinterest board dedicated to them or check out the others I have posted on the blog by going here!


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