This past week in honor of dental health month we discussed our teeth. We read a book about teeth, we watched some videos and played a super fun game from Sesame Street called Brush Your Teeth that you can find here.  Each of my students also got to take home toothbrush, toothpaste, and a book from Colgate. Last year I signed up to get a free dental health kit from Colgate's Bright Smiles Bright Futures program and now they send it to me each year.  In the kit is toothbrushes, a big book, a video, small copies of the book for kids to take home and an activity guide.  You can find a lot of cool resources and find out how to get your own kit by going here.

We ended our week by making smiles out of apples, peanut butter  and marshmallows   It was interesting to see who remembered this activity from last year.   You can read last years post here.   We of course incorporated lots of fine motor and speech.  I made sure the lid on the peanut butter was on really tight and had the kids ask each other for help.   We used an apple cutter to slice the apple ( I found this one at the dollar store) and spread the peanut butter.  They also had to count how many teeth they put on.  

Did you do anything special for dental health month?


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