5 senses: Taste

We have been working on our 5 senses and for the sense of taste I wanted to have the kiddos try different foods. We were going to have banana, pretzels, lemon, a sour patch kid or two, and probably a few m&ms. However, in traditional busy mom/teacher fashion I forgot to buy bring the tasting items to school. So what is a teacher to do? I quickly assessed what we had in the cooking drawer and went from there. We tasted a lot of different kinds of cookies, but they got the idea. We talked about what we were tasting and they had to decide if they liked it or not. If they liked it, then they circled the picture, if they did not like it, then they drew an X over it. One of my students just could not wait to get the vanilla sugar wafers. He was practically jumping out of his seat. I don't know if he even tasted it when I gave it to him. The kiddos really seemed to enjoy this activity (Food is always a great motivator).


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