Snowman pops?

So I found this decorating kit at Target for 1/2 off after Christmas. I was excited because I thought this would be super fun for my kiddos to make for our cooking class. Well.... the box at least made it look easy.

 We used Oreos to attempt to make the pops. Well you have to melt the chocolate and then dip the stick into the chocolate, attach it to the Oreo and wait for it to harden before you can dip the cookie. Yeah.... that is WAY to much wait time. I thought maybe we could just wedge the stick into the Oreo but that was also a no go. Perhaps if we had used the double stuff ones it may have worked. Anyway, finally we just squeezed some of the white chocolate onto the cookies and let the kids use the candy to make the snow man face. The final product turned out kinda cute and the kids must have liked them since they almost swallowed the snowmen whole. I just think it would have been way cooler on a stick.


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