Singing our sight words

In addition to the games we play with sight words we also sing some A LOT of songs that often include our sight words. One we sing everyday during our morning circle is our sight word for the week song. This is sung to the tune of bingo and I often see it one other sights as the sight word of the day.    Sometimes the sight word will go for two weeks if one of the weeks is short. When I fist made the little chart to go with it I decided to use velcro, but if I was redoing it, I would just write the words on with a dry erase marker. It would be a big time and velcro saver.

We also sing songs that relate to our current unit and use those songs to find our sight words such as like the Martin Luther King Jr song.

 Another way we incorporate our sight words into our singing is I find videos on YouTube that also display the words. A class favorite is this version of jingle bells. I know you tube can sometimes bring up some scary stuff, so a use a site called safe share that makes all of that stuff go away. I will write more about that soon, but the picture below is from that site.


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