Sight Words: sensory

I know you are probably thinking, what else could she possible have to say about sight words. Being a believer in multiple intelligences and that we all have different learning styles, when teaching sight words I try to teach to everyone's learning styles. I am sure you all know sensory stimulation, or lack there of, is huge for our kiddos with special needs. I provide for this in combination with practicing our sight words. Here are just a few ways:

Shaving Cream: practicing sight words and clean tables... what could be better! I am sure a lot of you do this already. We simply spray shaving cream on the table (a great fine motor skill) and the kids write their sight words in the shaving cream.

 Rice: A lot of people have sensory tubs and use them to hide various items in. I use a tub of rice and hide sight words in it. I have one student who just loves this activity. You have to admit that the rice over your hands does feel kinda neat.


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  1. Caitlin I love these ideas! I do the shaving cream with sight words and spelling words. I have done sight words in colored rice in bottles but had not thought of the tub idea! I also LOVED the idea of big and little with the paperclips as I have little guy struggling with that! Thank you for sharing. BTW I teaqch special needs students.
    Randy Sue McKeever
    Coshocton Ohio


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