I posted on Facebook about re-doing my schedules. I decided to do this for multiple reasons. First I read a post on my favorite new blog Autism Tank about how Hailey does the scheduling for her classroom. That got me inspired. Then, we decided to redo the schedules for all of the SPED staff in our building so that meant I was able to implement a new schedule easily in my room. I set to work yesterday afternoon and finally 
came up with something I feel like I can share. I used Excel and mapped out my day in 15 minute increments. I did this for each student on my caseload. 

I then took the students that I have that are self-contained and did it for the entire week. This way I was able to add in their therapy sessions also. I am hoping that this will enable things to run more smoothly starting Wednesday. The schedules also show who is responsible for which students when.

I am hoping this will make my planning easier and will enable me to adhere to the schedule more. How do you set up your schedules?


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