Pirate Roll a Word 2! (FREEBIE!!)

Hello Everyone!! I wanted to share a freebie with you. I made this for the young lady I tutor(she is going into 1st grade) and she loved it. I added a pre-made die template this time and also the words to add to your own die. You can click here to check it out in Google Docs. If you have not seen the other pirate version you can check it out here. There is also a fall version here. ** 7/22/13 I have updated this game to include a blank die template and game board template.  Please leave a comment if you download.  Thanks!**

Roll a Word Pirate Edition 2

 If you have an special requests for certain words, just let me know and I can make it for you! Just in case you are looking for some of the dice where you can change out the words here are a few on Amazon.

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  1. This is so cool! I shared your offering here on my website,, where I also love sharing cool teaching, frugal and other ideas and resources including freebies.


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