Shake!! Shake!!! Shake!!

Hello everyone!!! Wow, what a whirlwind the past 2 weeks have been. I found out my classroom is moving to the other side of the building (3 cheers for a larger bathroom, oh the things we get excited about!) and getting used to my school schedule with 3 boys was just crazy. Of course, now we are out of school, so I can relax(a tiny bit).

 To end the school year with my students we made ice cream in a bag. I did this with not only my students in special education but also the general ed math class I teach. I had made this before in ESY, but I think we had much more fun this time. So here is what we needed milk sugar vanilla gallon size freezer bag quart size freezer bag ice salt lots of energy to... Shake! Shake! Shake! I will make note that we used the Food Lion brand freezer bags and they leaked like crazy. I don't recommend using them. (I am questioning the use for the in my freezer also)

Here are some links to some resources if you want to try this with your kids or students:
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  1. We also do that at the end of each year & the kids just light up! It's always such a fun activity!! :)

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