Ahhhh!!! I am 30!!

So today is my 30th Birthday. At first I thought I really would not care, but as it crept closer that not caring... went away. However the other day I was thinking and I have really accomplished/experienced a lot in the last 10 years. I fell in and out of love and finally found my true love, graduated college with honors, was hired for my first teaching job, moved 450 miles away from home without blinking an eye, got married, went on my first cruise, quit my first teaching job and found a new teaching career in a district that I am proud to call home, lost my step-mother due to cancer, was nominated teacher of the year and the the following year awarded teacher of the year, and gave birth to my 3 beautiful boys, A, B, & C. Wow, that is a lot and I am sure I missed a lot. Anyway since I will be celebrating with my family I thought my blog friends deserve to party with me, so I have a freebie today!!! Yay!!! Enjoy!!  Uh, oh... I am having download problems.  Hopefully by the time this posts it will be all fixed.  :o(  It is fixed!!! Click here to download at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and check out my other free stuff while you are there!



  1. Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Happy 30th Birthday!!! I have yet to admit that I am 3 and a 3 and instead prefer the number 29! LOL!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. Thank you! I am thinking about being forever 29. I haven't actually said 30 out loud yet.


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