Classroom before and after take one!

ok, so I finally got into my classroom today.  My good friend Desiree (not2crumby) came to my school to help me move some furniture today.  So I wanted to first start with some pictures of how I ended the year.  Mind you, these pictures may not be appropriate for neat freaks....

So last year, I feel like I never really got settled into my new room.  There was stuff EVERWHERE!!! So I decided to start this summer by reading  Debbie Diller's Space and Places.  You can read more about it here.

This is what my classroom looked like when we got there today.

At the end of the year I pretty much stuffed things where ever they would fit... not organization to the madness.  As we began working today, all we did was move furniture into place.  If we had to move "stuff" we tried to put into piles such as reading, math, etc.

So here is what we ended up with after about 1 1/2 hours and lots of thinking and talking through things...

We put the long white shelf that used to be on the front wall onto the counter top.  I am hoping to relocate all of the math manipulatives there.  (I house math stuff for all of K-2 special education, so there is a lot)  I also added that tall shelf you see in the corner to put all of my "teacher" books in... my desk is stuck against a wall back there also.

I will have more pictures on Wednesday when we tackle the mess again. I plan to keep adding posts so everyone can see the progress.

Hop on over to Empowering Little Learners.  She is have a linky party with before pictures of classroom.

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I have a ton of stuff too... Not as much but I really thought about what Ouse and what I don't and purposefully placed things in my new room. Now I have about 20 boxes of stuff I hope someone takes! I would rather it go to teachers than goodwill. :-) my sister just graduated so I am hoping she will take a lot of it. Thanks again for linking up.... How is it coming?


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