Bucket Filling Bulletin Board

I have noticed the trend that a lot of schools are going to Bucket Filling. We started bucket filling at our school a few years ago and it has stuck around. Last year one of my paraprofessionals put together this bulletin board for me and I wanted to share it. ( I loved it so much, that I kept it for this year.  She was able to tie in bucket filling with my monster theme, which I love. 

Please ignore the mess that you can see in the mirror.  I am still working on setting up my classroom.


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  1. LOVE the bulletin board! If you EVER want a really good assembly for your kiddos, ask Carol McCloud to come to your school. An expert bucket-filler herself, her message is powerful! I got to meet her a few years back when she came to TX - LOVE her and the bucket-filling movement!

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