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I decided that I want to make a teacher binder to keep all of my student information, parent contact, lesson plans, etc in. I have not been able to find anything created that seems to fit my needs, so.... I am creating my own. I am hoping to make it the first thing I sell on Teachers pay Teachers. Today I made a parent contact log that I wanted to share with my readers. I thought about adding check boxes to the reason section also... something like behavior, happy gram, IEP, ect. Please let me know your comments and if you think I should change anything. Also if you have or would like a teacher binder, what would you include in it?
Parent Contact Log



  1. I love this form--I have something similar, but yours is much cuter! I have 2 binders--a communication one and a lesson plan one. The lesson plan one gets thick quickly and if you add student info to the mix, it'll be huge.
    In the communication binder, I have the home/school connection paper (like yours), a dismissal form, student information form for each student. (The students know if I take the binder during my prep that one of their parents is being called!)
    In the lesson plan binder, I have my plans, calendars, notices from my principal, my state standards (now the common core standards), record sheets, and curriculum maps.

    Let me know if you'd like to see what I use. I'd love to share them!


    PS: you just gave me a great idea on how to start my own blog!! Thanks :o)

  2. Jen,
    I would love to see what you use!

  3. Thanks for joining my linky party! I love your idea to have one big binder with EVERYTHING in one place! I always find that I have a gazillion binders and folders!

  4. I also have 2 binders. I keep the binder with the student information sheets, emergency dismissal, parent contact forms right by the phone in the classroom. The students know it is there, and I will use it during class if I need to, and they know it (very rarely do I need to do this, the threat usually works). Then, I have another binder for my lesson plans.

  5. Hi Caitlin!

    As promised--here are some docs I use! I hope you find them helpful!


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