File Crate Seats!!

When I saw these  file crate seats on pintrest, I just knew my friend Desiree and I would have to make them.   So I sent them to her and we started plotting.  Then I had the brilliant idea of sending it to my mom so I could see if her boyfriend could cut the the plywood for us.  Little did I know my mom would decide that she would help us take on this project.  So while I have been in NJ this week we have made the new seats.   

Check out the pictures to see how it went!!!

I got the crates on sale from Target.  They are were $3 each. 

My mom had the foam left over from another project she did for her store (Vintage Goods & Antiques, check it out!).  

I have a record of breaking staple guns and I made sure not to break it today!!!

3 yards of fabric covered 6 seats.  I really miss the Walmart $1 fabric.  I used to get a lot from there.  Where do you get your fabric?

And drum roll please!!!!

We added the strap to help the kids pick up the lid if need be.  I figure if I don't like it, I can always take it off!  I can't wait to use these.  I really think it will be great alternative seating for some of my kiddos. 


  1. These seats have been popping up all over the place! I just love them...thanks for the pictures...I'm a visual learner so you really helped me figure out how to make mine!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. Yea! They turned out simply amazing, I am looking forward to covering mine. :)

  3. sweet seats cait!- your brother

  4. Finding materials at a reasonable cost (read cheap) is a problem. We found a huge roll of the jute webbing Cait use for the handles at a garage sale for 25 cents. She will use the rest for another project in her classroom. We found we had to round the corners of the plywood to fit it in the crate. We used a belt sander, Cait held it and I sanded. Breaking staple guns must be an inherited trait because I broke that one and it ended up in the trash after we salvaged the cord to repair a vintage fan.-Caitlin's mom

  5. Love the seats! Just an FYI..I have been in 2 WalMarts this week and both stores were putting back in the craft department. One had precut fabrics in 1 and 3 yards, plus a gazillion fat quarter quilt squares! The other one had the whole craft sextion back with fabric to choose from and a new cutting table. Maybe they realized they were loosing out by taking that department out and are now putting it back!


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