Pirate Pre-writing

I am continuing to work on my pirate unit. A few of my students are still in the pre-writing stages of learning so I thought I should make some pages to help them also. Let me know what you think!

Pre Writing Practice


  1. Thank you for posting these they are cute! I love teachers who share. I just found your blog and it is adorable I will now be following you I don't want to miss any ideas. Please visit my blog and consider following me

  2. Hi..I'm a new follower. You have really cute ideas. I love the idea of making your own ore-writing pages. What did you use to make those lines?

    ❤ Jen

    Kindergarten Klassroom

  3. Hi Jen!
    Thank you for the comment! I use a cd I bought from a local teachers store called Fonts 4 Teachers. If you google it you will find the company webpage and I think you can download from the site.


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